Ysense is one of the oldest and best web sites to earn money online
It has everything and has been paying without any type of problem for many years, formerly this page was called clixsense and it was more a ptc than a site to earn money with offers, but that changed and we put many more offers and they removed the ptc ads and they are doing very well

As I have already said, it is one of the oldest pages (2002) and has paid more than 4 million dollars to users, the number of registered users will be close to 20 million approximately and it has a huge number of active users for decades
The page is very simple, and you also enter the registration through this link and fill in your data in a few simple steps and you would already be within this platform
once inside what we have to do is navigate through the options you have to earn money and complete tasks

Almost all the tasks that are carried out here are usually of the offerwalls type but there are surveys, application installations, registrations in web pages and much more, and best of all, it is the most legitimate page that you can find today on the internet, like this Don’t be afraid to go in and perform some tasks when you have time, since everything you earn you will be able to withdraw whenever you want


Within everything we can do, there are surveys

  1. The surveys must be unlocked by filling in a profile and once the profile is completed they will give us $ 0.05 for free, which is quite good and we could start doing surveys
    there are usually between 5-15 surveys depending on the country you come from

not all countries have the same number of surveys

2. Offerwalls there are a lot of offerwalls available
We just have to select the company that we want and complete tasks (some tasks may take a couple of days to credit us the money since they need confirmation from the company)
Among the offerwalls it is very common to see installations and registers, as well as some click walls that are like ptc but in small, although of course the actions that take the most time or effort are the ones that pay the best


Ysense has a referral program, which can give us up to 30% of what our guests do for free, this percentage varies according to what they do and the activity they have

The good thing about referrals is that they are unlimited, we can have as many as we want and that is very good, the only thing we have to do is recommend the page to more people using a special link that is in the affiliate tab…


This is the best part, you can receive the money almost as you want with minimums ranging from $ 5 to $ 52 in the case of payoneer
For paypal the minimum is $ 10, but apart from that we have a huge amount of gift cards, which we can exchange in many establishments


You have to register if you are not registered yet. It is the best website to earn money, although it may be tedious to carry out tasks, but at the end of the day the good thing about working online is the advantage of doing it when you want, without anyone telling you what you have to do and when you want do it so don’t wait any longer and register

Register now for free!



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