Steep 1 Get free money! register on this free faucets!

Let’s describe a little what these faucets are about!
Free faucets are faucets that have been paying for a while, with the difference that they use coins that we normally do not see in normal faucets, such as the NEO, the CARDANO, the LINK, they are coins that usually have a stable value between $ 5 and $ 20 $ but from time to time they hit a high and at that moment we have to sell to increase our profits by more than 15! if more than 15

I put an image of the NEO a little lower that now is at $ 14 and it is at $ 160.

Ok and what is the technique that we are going to follow?

The technique is to register in the faucets that I put below and keep reading the post, register in binance, and keep reading to see how this combo is made!

The neo came to be at $ 164 if we had won 3 neo we would have $ 500 and right now winning it is quite easy!

Steep 2 Register on free faucets!

We are going to explain how one of these works, the rest are all the same!

click on the banner that we put next to each faucet, fill in the registration form and confirm the email, we are ready

once a hour you can get free money

In each of these faucets we will be able to win all the coins that binance has to staking and earn an annual%,
the faucets are lottery type, once every hour we can give a claim and win a random amount.

Everything we earn we will save it and when we have enough we will send it to binance

  1. Freebnb:In this faucet we will earn free binance coins every hour up to a maximum of $ 300, This currency is the binance currency, it is the currency with which we can earn more money within binance
    click on the banner and register, come back and read on to see how to earn more money

Or click on this link to register!

2. Free Neo: in this faucet we can win up to $ 300 in neo! the neo costs 14 but there is a forecast that it can reach 150 again, so we will win much more, register by clicking on the banner or this link and keep reading to know how to win neo (and now gas too) with binance!

3. Free litecoin:A classic, we win litecoin every hour, this faucet is not very popular but hey let’s all open at the same time and make a roll just in case we win the $ 300 prize
click on the banner or through this link to register

4. Free usdt:This faucet gives us usdt, a currency that has an approximate value of the dollar and will always have that value, but in binance we can earn 6% per year by stacking so we have to enter every hour to make a claim, we can also change it for many other currencies and see which is the most profitable
As in the previous ones, click on the banner or register through this link but remember to come back to continue reading! XEM:Like the previous ones, a faucet in which we can win XEM this time !! strange coin, which we’ll keep just in case it hits a high
Register for free through this link by clicking on the banner

6. Free cardano ( ADA):well in this faucet we will earn a very good amount of cardano! This coin is very useful since it has a low value right now and the reward is high, I would leave this coin in staking so that they give me more over time and take advantage of the day it rises
Register through this link or by clicking on the banner

7. Free steam: Strange currency and of little use to me. But taking advantage of the fact that I enter all the faucets to make a claim, because I do it in this one as well and earn a little money, I usually change this currency for bnb, I will explain why later
Well you can register through this link or by clicking on the banner

8.Free usdcoin: Like the theter, this currency always usually has an approximate value of $ 1, so it is good since it does not affect the rises or falls, but we will earn little with this currency so what I do is claim and exchange it within binance for BNB we will explain why I like bnb so much

As before, register for free at this link or by clicking on the banner!

9.Free TRON: fun and easy to get coin, perfect for stacking this faucet I like a lot since it is easy to win a couple of tron every day, it is true that its value is very high, but for now: P I would save it and put it in stacking to earn more while you do nothing read on to know how to do it and how to earn more!
but you have to register so use this link or click on the banner!

10. Free LINK ( the best ):I leave the best for last, freechainlink, this coin has solved one of the great problems of eth technology, therefore although its value is stable it is very likely that it will rise a lot! in fact in coinmarketcap it is at the level of dash doge etc.
This must be saved and left to grow by itself in binance!
Register now! do not waste your time tomorrow you will thank me! use this link or click on the banner!

Once registered in all these faucets, pay attention and pay attention to the article, you will earn passive money that will increase over time also you can safely earn a lot of money!

Time to earn with Binance Earn!! pay attention!

Steep 1 Register on binance!

Binance is one of the largest cyptocurrency related websites in the world! You can do trading, use it as a wallet, or do stacking (this is what we are going to do) you can do many more things that I will explain in another post!

1st Register, we will use this link to earn 10% of the transactions we make! Registration is simple! fill in with our real data and we confirm mail!

we go inside and see our portfolio!
Steep 2: Deposit the earned coins!
We can look for the coins that we want to deposit them in the portfolio menu above it has a small search engine (look at the image) the deposits are very fast
once they arrive we have to move on to the next step

Steep 3: Search the finance tab binance earn!
This is where the magic will take effect! We will earn coins without doing anything, just by leaving funds that we can collect whenever we want, (we are talking about flexible stacking), you can do blocked stacking that will pay us more but we will not have access to the funds if we need them

For the bnb we will use the bnb vault, the roi is not very high 0.17% per year but they will give us free tokens every day of the coins that are being launched including the defi coins, these currencies have cost $ 100 and there the roi can be very tall, also these free tokens are many so it is easy to earn 50-60 $ a week if we know how to sell them at the key moment

Airdrops: some of the coins that we will earn like the neo will give us a GAS airdrop, a coin with an approximate value of 1-2 $ and they will give us a pretty good amount every day, remember that it is free of charge without commissions or expenses!

Steep 4 Change the coins you earn!
Option 1: change them to BNB In the menu above convert balances to bnb and once the bnb is obtained we can exchange it for BTC or for another currency that we like



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