All the countries of the European Union have had economic problems due to the closure of their country by the coronavirus

By having quarantines and confinements many businesses have closed their doors leaving. many unemployed people

We are going to now put some examples of countries of the European Union and their unemployment data for the month of August 2020 and we will also explain why they have that unemployment (source eurostat)

1-Spain 15.9%

Spain is one of the countries with the highest unemployment rate in the European Union, and the pandemic caused by covid-19 has not helped them much …
Spain gains unemployed because its economy has its strong point due to tourism and this year there have been almost no tourists, it also has a very high youth unemployment rate (close to 40%) these terrible data make it top the list of countries more affected by unemployment

2-Italy 9.2%

Italy is one of the countries of the European Union that has had the most impact due to the coronavirus, raising its unemployment rate by approximately 2%, Italy has a lot of tourism and this year it has caused a lot of repercussion although it has not been so fatal due to to the strong industry it has

3-Sweden 8.8%

Sweden has increased its unemployed by 2.8% (it had 6% in January 2020) although it has not been a country that has had a special influence from the virus. Even though its neighbors have direct influence, Sweden retains most of the industry without much impact and this increase may be due to the closure of some smaller stores and a little related to tourism

4-portugal 7.9%

Illustration of Portugal flag

Portugal has increased its unemployment rate by almost 1% compared to January 2020 (7%)
Although Portugal has not had a special relevance in the coronavirus pandemic, it has Spain as a neighbor, which directly affects it in terms of sales and the entry and exit of citizens through the border, the increased unemployment is due to the closure of small businesses and its recovery is estimated by the end of 2020

5-France 7.6%

France has reduced its unemployment rate during the pandemic (it started in January with 8.6% and now has 1% less) This is because France has used a radical aid policy promoting national tourism and helping those who need it most, in addition its industry has become strong by being an importing cattle

In summary, in almost all the countries of the European Union unemployment has increased a lot, but the European Union has approved a multimillion-dollar rescue plan so that the member countries can recover as soon as possible, the most benefited from this ambitious plan are Spain and Italy who will receive a large% of the 700 million from the recovery fund



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