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It is a gpt page that has been operating since 2007. It is an excellent page to win because it has almost everything and the best of all is that we can receive that money in the way we want like paypal, amazon gift card, steam etc.

In this post we are going to make a small summary of the website and the options you have to earn money online, so let’s get to it

“You can get you money to paypal amazon gift cards or steam and more options they have to cashout.”

Registration is very simple, email password and we are already in, we have to accept some privacy policies that they have and little else, one of those options is that they give us a little money for accepting that advertising emails reach us, well Well, if we use an uncommon email account, it’s fine, we earn a few pennies for accepting something that we are not going to see: D

This page pays in its own currency that they call it SB 100 SB is $ 1 and to claim we have to have at least 500 SB ($ 5) that as we will see later, if we work a little it will not take us much time to get it

Among the options to win are the outstanding offers, in which there is a lot of cashback that the truth is that I am not interested, but we also have surveys and tasks such as registering on web pages or registering on amazon prime video etc things like that

Ways to earn!

Among the ways we have to earn money within this wonderful website, there are surveys, which many like but others hate, we also have cashback games and offers and tasks

surveys: after filling in some data with personal information, the page can provide us with a series of questions to answer sincerely to earn money, the questions are usually asked by a company to improve their services and for this service they pay us. The amount depends on the survey but they range from 100 SB to 880 SB (it depends on what country you are and your personal data and the type of survey…

Games: they are fast and fun games, they will not give us great benefits but hey, for playing that they pay us is not bad at all I recommend visiting them at least and playing a couple of games, in some of them we can win 10SB which is not bad for hanging out: D

Offers: very varied, from registering on a web page to installing applications and using them for a certain number of days, they are very well paid as a general rule even paying about $ 7 for each action carried out, but of course if they pay us more it is because We have to do more things and it takes longer etc, it is highly recommended to do in this section the simple tasks such as registering on web pages or very occasionally see some type of video that they offer us, it is clear that it will be worse paid but good is what easier and…

Cashback: here they will pay us to make us subscribe to sites and others this section has a cost and it is only advisable to use it when we are really going to use one of the services they offer us, for example when placing an order for just eat they will pay us a% Whatever it costs us, if we had planned to place an order, it is better to do it through this page and thus earn a few centimillos that always come in handy. Well, like this example, there are many more, take a look at it, just in case you use any of these services and you will receive a little money for it.

Referrals: as in almost all web pages, we invite friends, family or strangers and they pay us a% of what they do for having invited them, also they will give us 100 SB each time a referral enters and does tasks (only the first time) The number of referrals is unlimited as well as the profits that they can give us, you already know the more referrals we will have more profit so I don’t know what you are waiting for:

I leave my referral link here below so that you can register and enjoy this wonderful website

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