S surveypronto It is a survey website that has been paying for many years, it is a pure survey page, it only has surveys and it has a fairly high reputation
new surveys are available every day to be carried out and admits a fairly large list of countries
The page pays in dollars with a minimum of $ 30 per day, if we dedicate an average of 30 minutes a day we can withdraw approximately twice a month
depending on your added personal data, more or less surveys will be provided, it will also depend on the country you come from
so without further ado we will explain a little what this page is about and what to do within it as well as some advice: P

first steeps

The first thing will be to register on the page from this link
then once the email is confirmed we will have to fill in our personal data in the profile, once the data is validated they give us the first $ 5
In the personal data, although we are supposed to tell the truth, I would modify it a bit, as the earnings are 25,000 to 40,000 a year and that I have 2 children.
I drop it as a tip to make it easier to find surveys just as I am also married: D
I have my own house and my own car that is what I would put in the profile of the surveys and whenever they ask for the make of the car always say the same, do not lie with this, choose a brand and always that brand if they cannot catch you and they I finish the party: D

Survey pannel

the survey panel is simple., we give you money and we see the surveys that come out today (I recommend visiting the page about 2 times a day with an interval of 6 hours) more surveys usually come out throughout the day
Surveys are paid based on their duration and complexity, prices are around 0.5-2 $, everything will depend on the profile and type of survey.

The surveys usually last about 10-25 minutes and are made using a series of questions that you should answer as faithfully as possible
without lying too much since they could catch us and the survey is over

within the survey they always put a cheating question so you have to be careful

once we reach $ 30 we can withdraw the money via paypal checks and some other options

I personally like paypal since from there I spend it on whatever I want
The page also has a referral program, which if we recommend it to friends and family, they will reward us with 10% of what they earn, so it’s okay to think that with 10 users who earn 30 a month, we will earn 30 more without doing anything. $ per month: P

and this is good

register now for free!



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