Rollercoin really is a game where we can get bitcoins for free!
the game is about we have to create our miners farm by buying them
but of course this is not free and we want to mine for free, well the game gives us the option to mine for free, what we have to do is play some mini-games and with the punctuation we get they will give us GH / S so let’s take a closer look

“the game gives us the option to mine for free, what we have to do is play some mini-games and with the punctuation we get they will give us GH/S”

The graphics of the game are very fun and retro,
It seems that we are playing on a very old console but that gives it a fun touch

We start with a doll sitting in front of a computer, well that doll is us and we can customize it to our liking, but well we are doing nothing and there are no profits so what do we do?
well we will have to go to the games tab and go completing games

when end we get power

We get power when end a game!

At the beginning we will have to play games until we can buy a miner. And once we start we will not be able to stop and more and more and the profits will be greater and so on until we are among the most powerful.
You can invest and deposit to buy, it is the fastest option and in the long run it will give us more benefits

we can purchase diferent miners and racks

Each miner bought lasts forever and does not consume electricity, therefore the more we have the better!
each one has a different power, price and size, and of course we have to buy racks to store them, the more expensive the better, and some cost rollertokens that we can buy in the portfolio tab by clicking on rollertokens but now we will explain that a little more in detail


It is an internal token of the website, as if it were a real token, we can buy it and it has bounty and everything
the way to get them is by buying them, and they will give us access to better machines and more space to store more miners, in fact the top 1 usually have many miners that are bought with rollertokens!

The referral commissions are not clear, but we know that they give commissions for what our referrals undermine as well as for what they buy, so it is a very good idea to recommend this page to friends and family since with it we will earn a little more and we can buy more machines or make higher withdraws

the minimum to withdraw is only 10,000 satoshis so it is a fairly low minimum, and it goes directly to your account or wallet without any fee and usually takes between 1 and 3 days so this is quite fast, also this page takes several years paying so this is a good time to register for free


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