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It is a fairly new ptc page, but with the commitment to pay all the users it owns, it also has the advantage that the owner is a famous person known for having more similar and legit pages, this is one of those web pages that you should In the event that you dedicate yourself to the world of making money online, on this page the investment method is something more recommended to generate more, since the profits are somewhat low for free.

currently has a number of users of more than 500,000 members, which gives good credibility to the brand and us
since we always have to look for the web pages that guarantee payment

Although it is a new page, we must at least register on it, since it pays on time and well has a very good reputation in what is to be the world of internet earnings

From we invite you to belong to this page as our affiliate and to get better income, we will explain more or less how the website works and how you can earn extra money by using it for about 20 minutes a day
so come on let’s get started

Ways to earn

ptc: It is one of the fastest ways to earn money, it involves watching a few short ads for approximately 10 seconds, the earnings are quite low but hey, they are very easy to do and it will take almost no time

Offerwalls: These are a few web pages linked through an api that allows us to do a little more complex tasks and earn more money for doing them than with traditional clicks, here we can do everything, from register records or install applications, the Income will depend on the work to be done, for example watching a video pays much less than installing an application or hiring insurance

Surveys: typical in almost all the web pages to earn money we can find them, hated by many loved by others, this section consists in answering some questions that we are asked based on the profile we give, and companies will pay us to answer with sincerity already that this helps your business, it is highly recommended to do them

videos: it consists of watching a series of videos and receiving money for watching them, most days there are very few videos and they are quite easy to watch and do not last long, I am not going to get much with this section since we can rarely get much money from here

Grid: it is a classic among the ptc, we see random short ads and they randomly give us a reward, easy to do although there are days that we will not win anything at all

Referrals: inviting friends and family will give us a% of what they do, it varies depending on what they do, it is highly recommended to have referrals on this website


The payment methods are payeer, perfect money bitcoin and litecoin

the minimum amount will depend on the payment method we choose

In summary I would register and try it for a couple of days at least so I leave you below the link and you will tell me!

register here for free



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