P ayeer It is an old wallet to save and pay online for many years! It is a Russian website and the truth is that it works quite well on this page we can save and pay with currencies such as the dollar, the ruble or the euro or use cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin litecoin ripple ethereum among others.
The use of this portfolio is very simple so let’s look at it above and draw conclusions

If we want to use payeer to make and receive payments online, it is our wallet, since it is very fast, very reliable and many web pages use it, now it also allows the payment and receipt of cryptocurrencies but these have a very high fee, except for the ripple, so we will have to be careful if what we want is to use it as a cryptocurrency wallet since we can take a surprise

Payeer fees.

  • Usd=. 0.95%
  • rubbles = 0.95%
  • EUR = 0.95%
  • BTC =100.000 satoshis
  • Litecoin =0.02 ltc
  • Ethereum= 0.01 eth
  • Dash =0.01 Dash
  • BCH= 0.01
  • XRP = 0.25

“There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.”

As we can see some fees for some currencies are quite high reaching $ 10 in some cases so this wallet talking about cryptocurrencies is not meant to send low amounts
but hey it’s not a big problem because most of the sites that allow payment with payeer can be paid with usd and we save a tremendous cost in transactions as in the case of litecoinads.com that you buy in litecoin but you can pay with payer usd to save you fees

If your intention is to work on the internet or earn money through some internet pages, I recommend using payeer since many web pages accept and send payments through payeer and the truth is that it is wonderful for that.
but what to do with the money inside? How can I use it offline?
Well it is simple, with payeer you can withdraw your money to a bank account or a card, also payeer has its own card which we will talk about later.

Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people.

Payeer api

if you have a website, which sends or receives payments for any reason, you can use the payeer api to send and receive those payments
it is very configurable and quite simple to use in this post we are not going to explain how to configure only what you can do with it: D
The advantages of this api is that you can select how you want to send and how you want to receive, you can even allow users to pay you using a credit card or bank accounts, you can enable or. disable certain currencies and forms of payment and in addition to putting a% of commissions and choosing who pays those commissions. The truth is that the api is great I use it a lot on some web pages and I have never had problems and in case you have problems you open a ticket and they solve you pretty fast

activating the api and the website to send and receive payments usually takes about 24 hours and your site has to be working for them to accept it, you can’t put it while you’re building the website

transfer between currencies

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The transfer between currencies is quite simple, it has an exchange option in the menu and you can select from which part you want your currencies to be changed.
It is not the exact market price they have a hidden fee but it is not really the truth so it is not a bad option if we want to change for example dollars to bitcoin
it is instantaneous which is good and has very high limits

KYK verification

To use payeer in a good and correct way you will have to send certain data such as the ID or the passport and a photo so that you stay in your registry and you can use payeer with all the active functions otherwise not all the functions will be available. The verification is simple and quite fast

Payeer app

Payeer has an application for mobiles, it is also very good available for IOS and google play
So everyone can have it without any problem and also does not ask for a password it opens with the security of the mobile (on iPhone with touch id or face id)
and it allows you to make payments quickly and easily without any problem inside you have to pretend like a debit card, using the application we can pay in most physical sites that accept payment with a visa card

The first rule of any technology used in a business is that automation applied to an efficient operation will magnify the efficiency. The second is that automation applied to an inefficient operation will magnify the inefficiency.

In summary payeer is a very good portfolio to keep and use our funds very similar to paypal and at the same time very different
but with the assurance that our funds are going to be very safe and that we will not have any problem in using them ever and without banning or strange things like in other platforms
The reviews we found online are very good.
So if you are not registered I invite you to do it, it is free and you can see that it is very easy and safe to use!



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