Moon faucets They are faucets that have been working for a long time and pay a coinpot, they are amazing, you can claim whenever you want and what you claim is accumulating, the claims are made every 5 minutes and you can do as many as you want, in addition to this family they joined by 2 sites that pay in btc for a long time

In total there are 7 3 that pay in bitcoin, 1 in litecoin, one in dogecoin, one in bch, and one in dash, together they make the profits very good, they are extremely easy to claim, 1 popunder and a brand captcha recaptcha, therefore very easy and with tremendous rewards
as they have so long the number of users that they have is enormous their rank alexa is between 3,000-5,000 this means that he has many people claiming daily and that is a very good sign

“Now we will say what they are and we will leave the link just below so that you can register!”

In all these faucets it is advisable to register with the same email, since it remains linked to a coinpot (which is where our funds go)
In coinpot we can withdraw our earnings, exchange them for another currency or even mine the currency we want

The first site of all, bitfun, a wonderful place to earn bitcoin every 5 minutes, also has games where we can win extra satoshis every time we play
50% referral commission so it’s a very good site
We leave a banner below so that you can register in the event that you are not registered


moonbitcoin is another faucet that will give us very good daily earnings, also this faucet has a daily bonus and a mysterious bonus that will increase this amount significantly

Here the tactic is to claim every day at least once and if possible then advertise and get referrals since the active referrals will increase the bonus for each referral by 1%
besides giving us 50% of what they claim so this is a very good option

Bonus Bitcoin!

This is one of the oldest faucets I know.An ideal place to win satoshis for doing very little.Very simple to use and with quite good benefits, using this faucet we will not get rich but using it daily we will make our balance of btc increase enough!
After a simple registration and confirming the email we will see that by completing a captcha they will send satoshis to our coinpot account, that easy! also they will give us bonuses so that this amount is increased every day!

The referral commission is a pleasant 50%, which if we recommend it to someone, it will give us a little more benefits! : D


This nice faucet give us litoshis every 5 min! and we have daily bonus and mystery bonus!
true crypto lovers have to be registered on this simple but wonderful website, they have been distributing prizes for many years and they always pay on time through a coinpot!
a wonder of truth, a site you don’t have to miss so register for free!

25% referral bonus! invite Friends and earn more money!


From the same family as all moonfaucets! very easy to use, intuitive and with good rewards, paying for many years! and with great bonuses that differentiate it from other typical faucets, as in all moon faucets we have a daily bonus, a mysterious bonus and the referral bonus

in addition to giving us 25% of the profits of the referral! therefore a bargain
Registering is free and also winning by just completing a captcha will give us a pretty good amount every 5 minutes!


like the web pages seen above but what a reward dogecoins give!
Currently the best pages to earn dogecoins for free, effortlessly and with the reliability that we will receive the money whenever we want

Free registration like the previous ones and with a 25% bonus for each friend we invite apart from the daily bonuses for each claim we make!
I’m already inside, are you?


It is the newest of all moon faucets! with a slightly different design but with the same functionality as the other web pages mentioned above
on this page we will win dash! easily and free of charge without having to do anything more than a captcha and voila

Referrall earnings at 25% and each referral increase out claim bonus to 1% is nice for get free dash!

Joining this great family is completely free, and as we can see if we bring them all together and we are making claims for a while we will have some good benefits%MCEPASTEBIN%


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