Microwallets They are websites where many faucets are hosted to earn money, many years ago these websites earn small and consisted of lists of web pages that paid users on the same platform and so on. Once this platform sent the money to a wallet, but nowadays these giants from the world of cryptocurrencies have everything, and many options to make money such as watching lottery betting ads etc.

we are going to explain and see what are the best microwallets that are on the web


Managed by neocraft (the owner of the well-known blog asia-mag) walcrypt is one of those pages that will allow you to earn money, it is not one of the most visited of all but inside it has many options to earn money, it is almost more a page to win money than a microwallet but good.

Inside the microwallet we can see announcements and complete tasks as well as visit some sites that will pay us to do some tasks

Walcrypt.com sends funds every Sunday and you can get basnates by completing offerwalls or doing internal exchanges
The commissions are quite low and the truth is that the design is very successful for that reason I really like this website!


Faucetpay is seems to be the giant of microwallets, it has a lot of traffic and many active users, it also has many pages that pay within its platform such as adbtc.top faucetcrypto and litecoinads.com
In addition to all that inside you can earn money by completing tasks, seeing ads, betting and playing. the truth that you have enough options to earn money apart from all the web pages that decide to pay within this platform

withdrawals are completed every 2-3 days and the fee is quite low so it is not a bad option if you want to earn a few $ in cryptocurrencies


This is another of the microwallets that exist in the world of bitcoin, this is older than the previous 2 although this one I have used little there are certain things that I do not like such as just entering the mouse cursor does strange things and does not I am able to click almost nothing
Another thing I did not like is that they asked me for my phone number and that is ugly
but it has good things like super weird coins that I’ve never heard of, and that’s good since we can earn rare coins that can increase their value in the future

It also has many web pages linked to this platform and you can receive payments to this platform, although I really don’t know when they send the payments since I have never used it D:



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