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Litegpt.com Anew site to earn btc and fiat money for complete simple tasks


Litegpt It is a new site where we can get btc and fiat currency such as rubble dollars or others for doing simple tasks, created recently and being the same administrator as litecoinads. This new website has a modern design and uses the usetitan script, The website itself seems to load a little slow but in general it is going quite well.

It has multiple ways to earn money for free, it does not need investment of any kind, although of course if we buy a membership the income will go up, one of the things I like about this page is that you do not have to do anything to earn money from referrals, In other words, they do not force you to click to earn from referrals, so without further ado we will see how we can earn some money with this page and what are the withdrawal methods.

Watch ads: well like almost any ptc, we see short ads and they pay us once the waiting time is over, the page usually has between 15-20 ads and they are quite cheap for advertisers.

Shortlinks: This type of task consists of completing a series of varied short ads, these ads use a lot of advertising and can be annoying.

Faucet: Every hour the page will give us some money as long as we complete the captcha
Popthebox: a new type of offer, we see ads and get paid is a super easy task and it will take us very little time, but there are pop-up ads.

Paid to view: The famous asia-mag, we have to follow the steps that they indicate and complete everything they tell us, once done they will pay us a little money to see a Chinese blog

offerwalls: here there is everything from watching ads to completing more complex tasks, they will pay us more for more complex tasks than for simple ones but this option is very good and I would go in to see what can be done easily

Daily bonus: once a series of tasks is completed, the page will give us a bonus for doing all those tasks, very easy to achieve daily

To withdraw the money, we have several options:

Microwallets: we can withdraw the famous walcrypt and faucetpay microwallets, with a very low minimum, almost non-existent and almost immediately

Btc: we can withdraw to our wallet in a simple way, the minimum is $ 2 and it has some fee but in general we will take 90% of that amount

Payeer: it is one of the options that I like the most, we put our id P123123213 and we give it to withdraw once we reach the 2 $ profit and in a few hours we will have our dollars in our account

Paypal: The best of all without a doubt, the minimum is somewhat high $ 5 but we can withdraw to PayPal without any problem and that is not offered by all web pages

In summary, the page is very good and very complete, it is a good option to earn money every day, with being about 20 minutes inside we will have almost all the options seen and all the profits

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