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Litecoinads,ptc gpt+ revenue sharing low minimun payout


Llitecoinads It is a recent ptc in which we can win litecoin for free, it also has many options to earn this currency, it has many good things and other things not so good
First of all, the page is quite recent (April 2019) a little over a year, but this year it has paid its users more than 600 litecoins which is quite good for a page of such a short time, also It has more than 150,000 users which means that the page has enough money to pay the users and to advertise these 2 factors together have made us decide that this website is part of the legit group of websites

In Litecoinads we can earn in many ways, the first and easiest of all is with the section to see ads, also on this page there is a fairly large number of ads, since they are quite cheap, it is able to attract advertisers so that we will always have benefits
the second option is its faucet that every hour will give us a random prize,
It has a grid like almost all ptc, what happens with this grid is that the prize is rented referrals, which will help our daily income to be increased (if we are lucky enough to have an active user)
shortlinks: they will pay us to complete a series of short ads that are sometimes a bit annoying and I personally do not do them, there is a lot of publicity in them and I don’t like them but well if you don’t mind because this type of ads is quite well paid
offerwalls: In this section we will be paid to complete various tasks, there are tasks that pay up to $ 7, also on this page we have a couple of clickwalls which are more ptc ads and our earnings will be a little higher
captcha claim: A new type of offer, we complete a captcha and they pay us, quite good from my point of view, I usually do about 20 a day and I get bored but well 20 for free is about 5 minutes no more
Videos: this section will pay us to watch videos, without interest since they pay very little
Youtube videos: this section from time to time appear YouTube video ads, very well paid (it is the most) but it is rare on the day that there are more than 3 YouTube video ads

Payments are usually sent to 2 microwallets, Faucetpay and walcrypt with a very low minimum and most of the time instantaneous, this is one of the reasons why it is quite successful although I would like to be able to receive direct payments to my wallet and that option they have it removed

We can also charge through payeer that I like more than using microwallets but the minimum withdrawal to payeer is 0.02 so it will take a little longer to have the minimum payment to withdraw

Litecoinads currently has 2 memberships to buy active user and premium, I recommend starting with active user as soon as we register on the page (it costs 0.0015 litoshis) which is nothing and our earnings will be much better than with the free membership and now later buy the premium and we will see how we earn more money

The truth is that this page called me the attention a long time ago and I really like the way it has to be and the options it has
The admin is from Spain and tries to innovate but hey sometimes it’s not easy at all

don’t wait any longer sign up now



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