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how to start making money! beginner’s guide


sstarting to earn money online is something complicated especially at the beginning

In this small guide we will try to give you some advice and decipher some of the most used words on the internet related to internet earnings!

The first thing we have to do is know how we are going to want that money, that is, how I want to obtain the earnings. Many pages offer payments in gift cards that we surely do not use in life or if it all depends on how we use the internet.
Once we know the payment method then we will have to look for pages that pay through that payment method.
The pages that I like the most are the pages that pay in PayPal and Bitcoin. For those of you who are not familiar with bitcoin, you will have to take a look at what cryptocurrencies are and how to get money with them.

“On the internet there are many payment methods available as well as many pages that are scams.”

One of the most important words that we will see on the internet is the word scam, when we see that a page is branded as scam we will have to go as far as possible from this page, since we will surely waste time, although we must be careful who says that It is scam and because it says so, many users only dedicate themselves to discredit web pages for pure fun by calling them scam every day on many sites

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We are going to begin to say which are the most used words on the internet and to decipher their meaning

PTC: pay to click, is one of the most used words in the world of online earnings, it is about pages that pay you to click on ads, of varied duration, and with a generally quite low remuneration. do but beware if we do not know it can be difficult to earn money within them

GPT: get paid to, as in the previous word, we will find this word many times throughout the internet, they are pages that pay to perform certain actions such as installing applications or registering on websites

Faucet: Related to cryptocurrencies, faucets are pages that will pay us to visit them every X time and to do some action within this page, the good thing that these websites offer is the ease with which we earn money although the remuneration is quite low

Wallet: is where we are going to receive the money

Withdraw Cashout! -> we will always have to go to this section (we recommend visiting it before starting to work on a site, to know payment methods etc)

payment proofs. If a web page has this section I recommend looking at it, so we will know if the page pays or not

To begin these are the most important words that we should know

What to do with the money earned?
Well that already depends on the need of each one, as you can see, making money online is not as simple as some say, in fact, it is the most complicated to do, and above all, I do not earn much

I recommend that if we do not need it urgently, we invest it either in advertising to find referrals (referrals give us an extra income without having to do anything)

Use that money to make a blog (we will earn with the advertisements and on top of that we can get referrals)

Stock Graphs.

Social networks

The use of social networks is highly recommended, they are very good at finding better sites to earn money as well as we can use them to recommend websites and get enough referrals

Within social networks there are many groups and people who post how to earn money

especially in the world of cryptocurrencies, therefore I recommend using them or at least one of them and quite often!



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