Green panthera is a survey website that has paid very well for a long time and that allows us to earn money daily for conducting and answering surveys
Surveys arrive every day and the average value per survey is 0.7 $ so this is pretty good and the surveys last approximately 15 minutes

It admits most of the countries and by filling out the entire form they give you $ 5 and surveys will start to drop.
With this page I have been earning about $ 45 a month using it 25 minutes a day (I do 1 or 2 surveys and I leave) because in the world of surveys it is better to do few and get paid, if you start doing many at the end their anti-cheat system detects you and they stop paying you some surveys because they think you are lying

We are going to talk about money, the minimum to withdraw is something high $ 30 but the good thing is that since they give us $ 5 to fill out the full profile we would only have $ 25 to pay us and they are easily obtained, payments are made to through paypal gift vouchers and transfer and pay in dollars, once requested the payment takes about 10 days to be reflected in our account (gift vouchers are faster they send you the coupon to the mail quite quickly)

The number of surveys will vary from your data, not all people and countries have the same number of daily surveys, because the surveys look for a certain profile, each survey is usually different and my recommendation is that you put whenever you have children between 2- 6 years since for children there is almost always a survey (of diapers toys streaming channels etc)
I also have to say that there will be a day when you cannot access any survey because you do not comply with the profile
there are also many surveys on alcoholic beverages so if you are asked why always say yes if you drink sometimes

The good thing about this page is that there are also offerwalls to carry out, therefore, if you do not give us surveys today we will be able to earn some money completing these types of offers (some are paid up to $ 7) is one of the few survey web pages that has offerwalls implemented so that you can have income even if you do not carry out any survey

It also has a referral system, they will give you 10% of what the guests generate for life, so it is quite good since if we invite a few friends we can get an extra benefit

The truth is not much but it always helps income grow and also for this we will always have someone you know who wants to earn a few extra dollars for doing little on the web so recommending this page will not be very difficult

In summary, you can get good benefits if you use pages like these, the key is to carry out a few surveys a day on different pages, so I leave you the registration link and I invite you to use it, good luck!

Register for free here!


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