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Gif hunter club,surveys offers and more!


G if hunter club It is an excellent page to earn money without trying too hard, paying for many years, gif hunter club has become one of those pages that we should use if we want to earn extra money.
But what can we do on this page?
Well, we can do surveys, test products for free, complete offers and much more.
everything on one page and the truth that quite simple to use

Okay let’s start, the first thing we have to do is register for free, then it is recommended that we complete our profile in the most real way possible although I recommend adding that we have 2 children: P
just to validate the profile they will be giving us $ 1 so it has been easy to earn it: D
But the advantage is not the $ 1 they give us for completing the profile, the advantage is that paid surveys will start to arrive and more offers will come out, the companies that advertise here can get to know us and may be interested in offering us a product to try it out. free of charge and not only that above they will pay us

the cents page

I do not know all the availability of countries but I think it is for many countries, of course, depending on the country we will win more or less, the country with the highest pay is the USA as in almost all online earnings web pages
but we are from the country that we are we can always earn money even if it is with the offers that they have placed in a task panel
The website uses its propane currency called cents 100 cents equals $ 1 and there are surveys that give us up to 150 cents so they are very well paid
they also have surveys from other platforms like theoremreach so we can earn extra money completing other surveys

Speaking of money and payments that is important: D the minimum payment is only $ 5 which is quite easy to acquire, they have a very large number of tasks that makes this page more of a GPT page than a page of surveys but of course of surveys also has many others also has an option of daily surveys
so reaching the minimum of $ 5 no it will not cost more than a while of work and the best thing of all is that they always pay and they do it in an almost immediate way, you do not have to wait weeks to get the payment

250The page pays through paypal with a minimum of 530 cents ($ 5.30) or through amazon check 1000 cents ($ 10)

but it is not everything, from time to time they take off raffles in which we can win very good prizes from amazon cards to ps4 games including a ps4 and an xbox. They are very good prizes

It also has a monthly referral contest that will give us an extra if we know how to handle referrals, also for each referral that completes and validates their profile they will give us 75 cents and a% of what they do within the website so it is not a bad idea to invite people to have extra earnings!
(by the way to whom you invite you will give 100 cents) so take advantage and share with your friends
As I have no friends, I leave you a banner below and I invite you: P



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