What is Genesis-mining?


enesis mining is a mining company that was founded in 2014 and that sells mining packages to any user in the world. If you are looking for a place where you can invest in the long term and have quite good profits, genesis mining is your place.

we will explain how it works and how to buy your first packages as well as explain what each package is

“if you have money to invest you can take a look and try to invest on crypto mining :D”

Also we go to say the pros and contras of this site

Why Genesis-mining?

Genesis-mining is real mining, it has a few farms spread all over the world and that makes it a real mining company.
You also have the option of automatic payments, which is to invest and forget, all payments will be sent automatically to the address you want and with very low fees.

The benefits of genesis-mining is the automatic payouts,you invest,buy mining contract and forget! you revenue is coming each day!.

First steeps

1º Register on Genesis-mining  and confirm email

2º go to buy has power or mining power! today the avaliable packages are bitcoin mining and dash mining but sometimes they add a new mining contracts!

Radiant classic: is the comong mining, you hire all machines and you need to pay a maintenance fee every day but you get more power!

Radiant zero: you purchase mining contracts and you dont need to pay a maintenance fee but you get less power (i prefer this)

payment options on genesis

to pay is very simple!
we select the amount of power that we want and it tells us the price that we must pay, if it seems correct it will give us several options to pay as a credit card or crypto (btc eth dash ltc doge … etc)

once paid and confirmed the payment we added mining power in our control panel, and we can distribute the mining power as we need


Genesis mining has proven to be a very good company to generate extra money, we must remember that everything we invest has to be money that we do not need to use in the short term since they will give us more money but the term is approximately 120% long in a year

It does not seem like much but seeing other types of web pages that close and banks that give a very low profitability this site may be one of the best sites to let our money grow

Stock Graphs.

One of the disadvantages that it has is the few payment options that it has to give us the power of mining and the referral program only gives us 3% of the power that affiliates buy, which is also not one of the best there is.
If you already have an account I have a discount code for you

use this code : E0poeN and you get a 3% of discount of new purchases

or click the banner for register and get this discount for the first time!

the first rule of investment is to use money that we do not need to use in the short term since the payment of safe investments can last a long time



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