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Eobot a nice cryptocurrency mining!


Eobot is a cloud mining platform that has been active and paying for many years
besides having many coins to be able to mine, each one with its difficulty and with its peculiarities.
offers customized mining packages, being able to invest small amounts so that any user can enter the world of online mining

One of the great advantages it has is the large number of coins and the low prices it has.
it is more you deposit and depending on what you deposit because it is the amount of power that is provided to you, clearly the more we put the more benefits we will obtain, and the best of all is that it is for life, also you can use your own balnces to to be able to continue reinvesting in better packages and over time to have a large amount of mining power!

as we can see the variety of coins is amazing.

It also has a faucet that will give us a little bit each day to be able to reinvest it in mining power and earn more every day, what I like is that I can mine mining power as well. scam but it has been active for more than 8 years and 8 years paying means that it is a page where we can trust and use it to increase our earnings

The use of this platform is quite simple. We just have to select what we want and some options will be opened for the deposit and its subsequent use in mining power
for many cryptos we need th / s or gh / s for others it will be shown as Mh / s
The profitability is not very great but it will always be there, giving us passive benefits

Each coin has its minimum to withdraw but the minimums are quite low and with low commissions therefore it is another point in favor of this website!



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