C oolwallet-S from the company coolbitx is a physical wallet, in which you can store your cryptocurrencies safely (cold storage) it is highly recommended for those people who have large amounts of money in cryptocurrencies and who do not want to risk losing them, we are going to talk about this wallet because from my point of view I think it is very good since it has very low fees when sending and that it is of a very good quality

why use a coldwallet?

One of the reasons why we should use this coolwallet is because it is the most similar way to have the money in our hands, since it is a card in which only we can take the money to make payments. it is not an online wallet which closes and we run out of funds, in this wallet we have it and nobody can access them,

why choose coolwallet-s?
the answer is the ease it has for both the transport of the cold wallet and the withdrawal of funds
with its great resemblance to a normal and current credit card it becomes a good choice since we can carry it in our wallet along with any visa since they are the same size
It hardly takes up space and the battery can last up to 2 months in sleep mode.
To all this we add that the application is very good and the security levels are perfect.

Where i can get one??

It can be bought in many places and the price is around 90 $ approximately (it depends on where you buy it)
I personally bought it on amazon but it can be purchased on the official website of coolbitx, through amazon it arrived in a matter of days and without any problem. Through the official page I do not know but I suppose you should not have any problem to buy it, although it is also true that limited editions that are cooler sometimes come out on the official page: P

coolwallet-s app

Once you have the card in your hand, you will be instructed to use it among these, you will have to download the application for the mobile (mandatory) and link it to the card since every time you want to send it will ask you to link to the card and press a button

the application is easy to use and the design is very cool
Once you install the application they will ask you to choose how many recovery words you want 12-24 and they will come out, these words you will have to keep as gold in cloth because if you lose them you lose what you have inside the wallet, in the box of the wallet comes a special booklet for you to write those words and keep them in a safe place

After saving them and accepting all the conditions you will see the control panel where you can create wallets to receive funds

send founds

when you want to send funds you will have to follow these simple steps
copy the address or scan the QR code with the application
choose the funds and the amount of fee you want to pay (the faster the transaction is)
The application will ask you to turn on the coolwallet and press the button and you accept and it would be

the evrdad that simple steps to carry out these tasks

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