Surfing the internet, one day I came across this website and decided to register to see what it was about!
a bitcoin mining page that allowed to pay with paypal ?? I couldn’t believe it, so I started doing a little research.
After visiting many sites and seeing many opinions I decided to invest $ 500 and well I have to say that I am very surprised: D
I am used to the typical mining pages that close in no time but this page has some web cameras where you can see the mining teams on live

So I think it is a good page to talk about it and to invest
I see this website pretty safe and with a pretty good reputation
paying daily and without any kind of problems, let’s go there!

“I think i found a nice website mining to invest money and get profit of this investimens”

Well, let’s talk about the page itself. the page looks pretty good with a good design, that’s a good sign, it means that a group of good developers are behind the website.

In addition, there are symptoms that there is money invested in this company, which is another point in its favor.



Well let’s start then!
first register on the page bitluck 

and 2º check and purchase a mining package!

prices are a little higher than other types of mining site but really worth it
By default, the 30-day maintenance price is included in the rate, which is good since it is 30 days in which the investment is pure.

By default, the 30-day maintenance price is included in the rate, which is good since it is 30 days in which the investment is pure..

The referral program is pretty good,gives us 10% of the investments of the people we refer to on a single level (not including maintenance fees)
So it is a pretty good plan to promote and that they give us some extra earnings to those that we are already going to have for the mining packages

the prices of the mining!

I love this site because I can use paypal as a payment method, and that’s wonderful.

They may seem quite expensive but what is striking is that you can use PayPal to buy these packages!
It is quite difficult to find a web page related to cryptocurrencies that can be paid with paypal.
It is a great advantage because those of us who are used to the world of bitcoin know that going from paypal to bitcoin is an almost impossible task and by buying a few mining packages and waiting a few days we will be able to pass quietly from paypal to btc! and on top we win an extra!



Well for me this site is a very good place where I can invest and make money in the long term
the return on investment is approximately 210 days and from there we will have very good benefits! : D
I think it is a good idea to try it and end the year with some extra earnings in bitcoin that you never know if it will reach $ 20,000 again




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