Surfing sites and ptc sites are new sites that are becoming fashionable among advertisers and among users
They are quite simple to use and generate good benefits, for many years these pages have existed and in 2020 their number has grown a little and the truth is that after using them for a while they are quite good.
highly recommended to use both to earn money and to advertise a website and get those precious referrals

“There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.”

Most of these sites have many different sections to earn money, and various ways to advertise so that your referrals grow.
These sites usually have a minimum charge, although in many cases it is usually small and we can charge every few days of work on these platforms.

Russian origin website created many years ago and with a tremendous amount of users. Paying in bitcoin for many years and without any problem. A few years ago they added translations so that users find it easier to understand the website

adbtc menú

Once registered we just have to navigate through the menu and we will see what we can do on this website.
but what we are interested in is winning so we will have to go surfing and see web pages to take our satoshis 😀

referrals:referral commissions are 10% of what they earn by looking at ads and 5% of what they spend on advertising, even so we can buy and sell referrals in the referral market

Withdraw: the minimum withdrawal is 5,000 satoshis and pay faucetpay, Expresscrypto and direct to your wallet, in short it is one of the best pages to earn btc in a simple and daily way so if I am you I would register and start earning

Cointiply super faucet/ptc

cointiply logo

one of the best web pages i have found! simple and with a very attractive design and best of all! multiple options to win satoshis
It has been paying for years to multiple platforms. from the old faucethub to now faucetpay and other multiple methods!

It started as a modest page of good design and little by little it has become one of the free pages to win the best btc in the world

multiple options to earn money!

  • faucet : rolling faucet you roll a number and you get profit!
  • daily bonus :Every day you connect and are active, they give you a bonus that is added to the earnings
  • Rains From time to time, multiple currencies are distributed among the users who are active in the chat. You only have to chat to have options to drop those currencies.
  • offerwalls :multiple and different tasks to earn money, some simple others more difficult
  • ptc :the paid to click section is one of the best options to earn money every day, you see ads and they pay you for it! It is also a very good option for advertisers since they have an extraordinary traffic cointply
  • referrals! : approximately 25% of the earnings of the people we invite will be added throughout the day to our account, so let’s not miss the opportunity to invite people and earn money

Withdraw! : the minimun for withdraw is only 30.000 coins ( you can get this on few days on working on this site ) register now for free and see how your income will be increased

Earn Free Bitcoin is an excellent page to earn btc and to advertise at the same time
It has a good amount of daily actions to do, which will generate quite good earnings with little effort!
The page has been active for some time and they have very good references in all the pages that are dedicated to talking about this type of web pages including this
I have already withdrawn several times so I think it is a legitimate page and you have to talk a little about it

what we can do inside for earn?

  • ptc ads: simple task,you watch ads and they pay to you in satoshis
  • autosurf:  similar to ptc ads but easy, its automatic and they give you some profit
  • paid to promote: you share a link and they pay to you for each visit you get ( cool for website owners)
  • referrals: you get profit from referrals 10% of each click and 5% of advertiments spend
  • offerwalls: diferent tasks for get a lot of money!

the site is very good and the truth is that I highly recommend it is very easy and simple without complications everything very well explained and with good profits
And most important of all, without disturbing ads or anything strange that bothers us, so I registered you


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